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proArchitecture is an architectural planning and research firm based in Paris (FR) and Monterrey (MX), with the ambition and the capacity to design and develop innovative architectural projects in numerous fields and scales. Its two Founding Partners have participated for more than 20 years in high-profile projects around the world, and while in collaboration with prestigious international firms, designed and directed important cultural and institutional projects, ambitious housing developments, and more recently, mixed-use developments featuring high-class offices, luxury hotels, commercial centers, and even major public transportation facilities.

As a complement to the design and building services, proArchitecture is actively present in major academic and research activities, mainly through the work of Amelia Martinez, Ph.D., professor, and researcher at the Universidad de Monterrey in México. Her research and publications in the domain of history of art and theatre architecture strongly contribute to the capacity of the firm to provide creative and innovative design solutions for our clients.


Led by its two founding partners, Gerardo Perez and Amelia Martinez, proArchitecture is licensed to provide design and building services in any country in Europe (through the CNOA - FRANCE registration), as well as México and Colombia.


Amelia Martinez



BA, Dip Arch, Ph.D. (Hons)

Ph.D. Theory and history of Architecture (Cum Laude), ETSAB, Barcelona, SPAIN .

Researcher SNI / Full-time professor - Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, MEXICO



Gerardo Perez

BA,  Dip Arch,  CNOA, CNAE

CNOA - Conseil national de l'ordre des architectes FRANCE (EU) - Nº 080809

CNAE - Consejo nacional de Arquitectura e ingeniería COLOMBIA - N°: 25700-65290 

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