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Lima, PERU

Loft boutique apartments

International competition




6.500 m2


Full Architecture services 

Design team:

proArchitecture (Gerardo Pérez, Amelia Martinez) 


Wood Structure: Création Holz / Herman Blumer (Switzerland)

Located facing the beautiful golf course of the Lima Country Club, the project needed to integrate within an innovative architectural proposal, the program with all units facing the Golf Course, and all this without compromising the search for an optimal environmental behaviour.

Taking in consideration the narrow proportions of the site, our first response was a layout where all apartments would respect the desired orientations, but organized in a way that several apartment types could be possible, allowing future clients to choose between 6m high double height “outdoor atmosphere” spaces, and wider “landscape type” one floor apartments.


This became possible with our innovative 100% wood main structure proposal (world’s tallest residential building on wood), that based on full floor height apparent wood beams, allow great internal flexibility, and specially acknowledges the important environmental advantages of using wood, that still today remains to be the only renewable structural material.

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