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Cairo, EGYPT 

grand Egyptian museum

International competition


The Arab Republic of Egypt - Ministry of culture


34,500 m2


Full Architecture services 

Design team:

proArchitecture (Gerardo Pérez, Amelia Martinez) 

Helène Bouza

Benjamin Llana

The underground layout of the new museum complex, intends to pay a tribute to the Giza pyramids, through a building that doesn’t contend but instead highlights this architectural and cultural treasure. This layout also allows optimal protection for all valuable pieces, while contributing to create a genuine archaeological atmosphere that will be the essence of the new museum’s experience. Within this atmosphere and as a tribute to its role in ancient Egypt, different forms of light will help revealing the treasures displayed.

Facing the city, the impressive cantilever glass volume over the main entrance, as well as the striking 140m-observation tower, place the Museum as the expected contemporary symbol.

In the heart of the complex, the “sand-walled” atrium is not only the turning point of all museum activities, but will allow the visitors through interactive screens to access thousands of Egyptian treasures displayed in institutions all around the world.

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