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Guadalajara, JAL, MX 

biblioteca bpEJ

International competition


Centro Cultural Universitario


41,400 m2


Full Architecture services 

Design team:

proArchitecture (Gerardo Pérez, Amelia Martinez) 

Efraín Velez


Structure: ARUP (Los Angeles)

MEP: ARUP (London)

Cost Surveyor: Davis LANGDON (SFC) 

Library Planing: J.BICHET - Bib. Nat. de France (BNF)

The requirement of an iconic building as the “gateway” of the cultural complex also implies a strong response to the need of protection for the library from the impact of the highway traffic and of the other centre activities.

“El Cobijo”

Evoking the traditional Mexican textiles, the modular façade system becomes the protective acoustical and solar “blanket” cover for the Library’s interior space, as well as an important urban reference and the icon that highlights the main entrance of the Cultural Centre. The fabrication of the facade is developed in a simple and economical way on the basis of a modular system of rigid elements and neoprene joints that allow the “wings” to adapt to the textile looking pattern.

The garden

Protected by the façade device, the bookshelves are situated towards the exterior facades of the building, and all reading areas will face an internal Main Garden area.

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